Hello and thank you for visiting my new home in Cyberspace. I’m still re-arranging the furniture and getting things out of boxes, so please bear with me whilst I settle in and learn how to fly this WordPress beast.

I’m a DJ and artist from the UK… and I am a music addict.

Music has been the essence of me since as far back as I can remember, from high grade classical piano playing at a very young age to being in my own imaginary pop bands, recording mixtapes of Hits LPs and Queen albums being played at 45 instead of 33 (I’m so sorry Freddie, but my enthusiasm would have made you proud and I loved you to bits). I used to record my own radio shows with cunning use of at least 2 cassette tape players/recorders and the latest Top 40 sounds from the Radio 1 Show I spent hours hovering over pause buttons to.

Who knew my early tape to tape mixtape mania and obsession with perfectionism making all the tracks in time and in key with each other would turn into this thing called DJing and take me all over the world to do what I love best.

Music really is Magic. Welcome to my Wonderland.



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