I’m currently working on my February DJ Chart for Beatport and there’s some big contenders to play with. Please keep those promos coming! I get so excited when I hear music that has been put together with so much love, passion, time and talent that it stands out from the rest and goes straight into my “killers” box.

“All killers, no fillers” ~ Storm4ce Mantra

I miss the days of opening my front door to a pissed off, sweating postman crumpling under the weight of 50 vinyls, cursing me for being on every promo mailing list known to mankind, whilst I bounced up and down in front of him in my pyjamas, clapping my hands with glee and squeaking with excitement wondering what treasure he was holding.


DJing is a whole lot lighter these days, which is a relief to my postman and my shoulders. My morning front door thrill has been replaced by getting all excited about the contents of my inbox.

Now I have this neat little place in cyberspace, I can get back to doing my beloved record reviews. I am looking forward to writing about the record labels and music that I love and of course, the artists and stories behind the magic.

For my Storm4ce charts and this website, I am mainly looking for trance, tech trance, hard trance and psytrance in all its forms, signed or unsigned.

✨ Thank You ✨


Dear Artists, thank you for the music and your magic.

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