🌸 Hello March! Spring is in the air and I’ve been working on a melange of mixes to celebrate the season of new life and magic.

The mornings are getting lighter, which means prettier drives home from clubs, when the motorways belong to Eddie Stobart and the children of the night, mist rolls across the fields and the sun pokes us in the eyes with burning, beautiful fingers. I love that time of the day… but only if I’m on my way home, it’s a definite nope if you want me to be crawling out of bed at sunrise… unless I’m by a beach.


This month I am working on :

  • 2 x Radio Show Guest DJ Mixes (Trance/PsyTrance)
  • Afterparty Mix for Religion (HardTrance/PsyTrance)
  • Re-recording Religion promo mix (HardTrance/PsyTrance)
  • New HardTrance/PsyTrance mix
  • New Trance mix
  • Big Fat House/Techno mix

As you can imagine, there is a lot of tune picking, faffing and filleting going on.



On top of my mammoth March mixathon, I am throwing some serious hours and love into prepping for my Shindigerz DJ Gig in Leicester (UK) on Friday 24th March 2017.

I’m so happy to be headlining with free range to play whatever I like. Shindigerz has a wonderful, united family tribe vibe, you can never play too hard for them and you can take risks with more underground and international sounds. It does wonders for my soul to share my magic with these guys at full power, full range and full force.


If you are wondering what I spend all my prep time doing, it’s mainly spent tune picking down to a vaguely shortish list of (a few hundred) tunes that I want to take with me to a gig. I never plan my sets beforehand, but I do get to know my tunes inside out and upside down.

I will probably have a vague idea of what I would like to play and I am constantly thinking about the infinite possible alternative musical routes that I could take, depending upon crowd reaction, set time and djs either side of me.

As I am of the oldskool, this process is a bit like sorting my record bag out for the night when I used to play vinyl… except this is on a much, much bigger scale. Now it’s all digital and I carry invisible, weightless music around with me on USB Sticks and CDs. It is much kinder on the shoulders and I can take so many more tunes with me, much as I miss vinyl, for practicality, enhanced performance creativity and wider track range, technology has certainly changed my world in a positive way.


I often do a promotional dj mix for the event in the run up to the date of the gig. This usually materialises when I have made my shortlist an even shorter list and played around on the decks with my shorter, shorter, shorter shortlist of real favourites. This can sometimes become the foundation of what I might play at the gig, but I am likely to go off on a wild tangent at any given moment.


You cannot predict a crowd beforehand or what has been played before you arrived and the atmosphere it has created. You have to go with the flow and make the magic happen as you go along. Versatility is vital and it is so important and thoroughly enjoyable to be able to play at any time, adjusting your set accordingly on the spot and taking that crowd on a once in a lifetime journey. Every second is unique.

For me this is the very art of djing, creating something that has never been created before and telling a musical story as it has never been told before. A true dj and artist is channelling their energy and emotion into every note, giving a part of themselves to that crowd that can never be shared again in the same way. Music really is magic and I love what I do.


If you have promos, please send them over as soon as you can to be considered for inclusion in my mixes and live dj sets. My recorded DJ Mixes are trackmarked and track id’d on Mixcloud and usually available on SoundCloud one week after exclusive Mixcloud release and radio play.

All music is very gratefully received and artists are supported and respected. Please email signed and unsigned promos to

(*WAV preferred or High Quality MP3)


I will be featuring Record Reviews on this website soon, so all tracks received will also be in the running for online review and charting on Beatport.

🌈 Thank you 🌈


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