Storm4ce Beatport DJ Chart now online
March 2017 Trance and PsyTrance DJ Chart

Once again I’ve spent an age putting my DJ chart together as there are so many massive tunes wobbling my trousers this month.

When I compile my monthly dj charts, my track choices and chart positions are based on a combination of personal preference and crowd reaction. Sometimes a tune stays in my chart for more than a month because it’s still causing massive eruptions on the dancefloor and has fast become a highlight of my current live dj sets and mixes.

beatport-logoSpecial thanks to all the artists, record labels and people who send me promos. Please keep them coming! I love finding my inbox full of upfront tracks that very few people have got and I am more than happy to support underground music that hasn’t crossed over to the bigger labels.

Back in the vinyl days we used to be very secretive about what our tracks were, to keep our sound unique and our sets different to each other. Finding unknown treasure still excites me ridiculously and I love to discover new artists and talent.

I am always track selecting and working on ideas for radio show guest mixes, exclusive event promos and other promotional dj mixes. All tracks received are considered for these projects.

When a tune is made well and nurtured with imagination, creativity, love, passion and emotion, you can hear and feel it in the music. Time, patience and attention to detail is key. I believe in quality not quantity when it comes to track releases.

I have been DJing for 20 years, and if I added up the total time I have spent record shopping and listening to promos, it would probably amount to several of those years.


Once upon a time I would spend hours trawling through vinyl doing the Birmingham Record Shop Tour. It used to be such a social occasion, bumping into fellow djs along the way… accidentally getting distracted and going to a bar… then a club… then an afterparty… somehow still clutching a Tempest Record Shop bag when I returned home 3 days later. Just your average 90’s / early 2000’s weekend shopping trip really.

Back to the reality of today, my record shopping trips involve sitting in front of a computer screen for many, many, MANY solitary hours and it’s just not the same!

I am a multi-genre dj, so I literally go through hundreds, perhaps thousands, of tracks per month looking for sparkling gems and hidden wonders in the worlds of trance, psytrance, hard trance, hard energy, techno, house and many more genres and subgenres that we keep making up, redefining, inventing and reinventing.

Once again I would like to thank all artists, musicians, record labels and promotional companies for the magical music and gifts that you send me.

Please email your finest promos and unsigned tracks to universalmagicmusic@gmail.comΒ  or contact me on any of my Social Media sites. Thank you.

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