VIDEO : Storm4ce (Sarah Gee) Live DJ Performance 24/03/2017
@ Shindigerz : The Dark Side
LSQ, Leicester, UK
You Tube Video : youtube.com/watch?v=kS2XLXgeNh8
FB Event Page : facebook.com/events/148645188974859

A rare video of me in action on the ones n twos has materialised! Special thanks to my main Go-Pro man and Cosplay specialist Zeed for this live recording from my Shindigerz gig in Leicester last weekend. You can spot him and his glowing gloves dancing past the camera from time to time. I like this video because you can’t actually see me, but you can hear what I’m playing and see people’s reactions to the tunes. It may not have been busy, but the tribe absolutely live for the music and their meet ups. Their passion and love for the scene is genuine and pure, so it is always a pleasure to grace their decks.


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